Definition of The Master’s Golf tournament…millions of white people watching one black guy.

This is really where Golf is at today..Do we really care about somebody called Rory or Ted Couples?…I don’t think so.

 We… the peasants who can hardly afford the green fees and have clubs that are 20 years old only care about Tiger..what’s he doin’ ? what’s he up to? who’s he dating ? Has he lost it?… will he make it back to the top?”….will he stay there?…is he religious?” ..does he love his kids?…is he a secret Muslim?

The only 2 things you really have to know about Tiger is he plays a great game of golf even when he’s thinking of his dick…..and he’s mostly thinking of his dick.

But then so was Bill Clinton….and he was freakin’ PRESIDENT!

What we currently have to hope for is that Kim Jong UN has a ginormous dick because if he does it ‘s logical he’s not an uptight emasculated little boy wanting to prove to the World he’s got a “big dick” when he’s really equipped with a tiny North Korean swizzle dick…

If this swizzle length is the case we could be in for a world of hurt..

This is because any fairly intelligent man will tell you that we are controlled by our dick…

TED NUGENT’s  automatic rifle takes the place of his dick and that’s not chopped liver…

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul..wanna bet?

SEAN INSANNITY wanna lay any bets?

How’s about Bill O’Reilly… we’ll never know but when the dicks are down size will really matter….


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  1. Hahahahahaaaaa, you crack me up every time!

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