The war being fought against women on all fronts will be lost by the REPUBLICANS big time!

Why?…well to tell you the truth… Ex wives and ex girlfriends are like elephants they never forget…

Don’t get me wrong…we guys have to live with this  ..after all any splitting up is never all one sided…what ever anybody says..But the point is don’t get on the wrong side of women….That’s the negative …but it’s important to know..you’ve gotta know this stuff and turn it around to help you.

The positive side of things is ladies have so much more resolve than us guys…and if you’ve done ’em, wrong… they will wait for you at the pass and then they will show you a world of hurt.

I admire them for this trait…You need strong determined women on your side…But strong determined women with intelligence and who have read THE CHINESE BOOK OF WAR.

My idea of  strong determined intelligent women ..so you can all  understand what I mean… would be Elizabeth Warren, Michelle Obama, Hillary, Ellen, Rachel and the USA women’s soccer team…

The other end of the woman’s stick would be the”strong determined”screaming screeching variety of harridans…..you can fill in the blanks here..But one of them can see Russia from  her house, loves Putin and thinks Korea is one country. These women are on the side of repressing themselves…very strange…They seem to insist on having the government they say they hate so much be allowed to interfere with their bodies. They don’t want to be paid as equals and their don’t mind if their kids grow up without science in their lives.

The strong women I mentioned above don’t want a part of any of this destructive non productive bullshit…they are not out for revenge,they are out to make sure that the REPUBLICAN’S war on their dignity and their right to privacy and their place in the work place is secure.

They will bite the GOP in the ass at the next election..while the other strident cartoon female’s bite will NOT be worse than their bark but will be a toothless reminder that revenge and jealousy are best left in the trash heap of “personal put down” history…

And in closing I would like to say I am surrounded in my life right now… by a group of the most loving and intelligent women ever who’ve restored my faith in partnerships and unconditional love… And I don’t mind doing my own laundry once in a while.



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