If you watched the BBC News today you’d be sure to a little more unnerved…

A country not known as “The United States” might be a little less reticent to say what is on a lot of our minds right now.

The Brits said it…

Will we be breathing a sigh of relief when they capture who did this and find that it’s an Afghan father whose kids and grandparents were killed by an America CIA drone attack? Because if it’s a well planned domestic terrorism bombing then we are about to receive news of a possible INTERNAL insurrection that some of us have been expecting to happen.

That it happened in Boston…home of the ORIGINAL TEA PARTY ..And on Patriot’s day …does seem to be trending in that direction….

The BBC …not known for it’s over the top conspiracy theories… did make the caveat  that the jury and the investigation are still out…but there it was ; an 800 pound Gorilla statement.

Armed men and boys are showing up at rallies across the country..

Stricter gun control laws wanted by 90% of the country being put down by a variety of Republic and Red State Democrats.

More threats to kill the PRESIDENT in history…

Hold your breath and count to ten.


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