Just a thought …if these two bombers were “losers” as their uncle says they are..let’s hope the FBI and the CIA and Homeland Security and the Armed Services and the TEXAS Rangers are looking for the possible “masterminds” behind these attacks.

Somebody who knows strategy as much as they know “losers” to perform his strategy….

Somebody’s gotsa be tellin’ loser dudes what to do and where to go and that telling them when they cross over “virgins await their pleasure”…don’t you think…?

When you run over your brother while “getting away”…maybe you thought you were doing him a favor…or your’e just plain stupid…either way you’re a “LOSER!”

These two guys were AMERICANS…..as much as they were from Chechnya…let’s face it Piers over at CNN is more English than American or from Chechnya

We are the World….the good the bad and the bombers and the losers..

I don’t quite understand my own point here but it’s at least entertaining…

2 Responses

  1. I don’t see how it could be anyone else but terrorists, it’s so obvious itsn’t it Chris? Audrey

    • yep…this will come out soon…these were conscripts…

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