CNN HELL……………………………………


CNN has become the clown news overnight..John King and Wolf and Anderson Cooper all tumbled out of the tiny car into a JEFF ZUCKER world of 3 ring circus hurt.

CNN’s coverage of the Boston bombing was like they hired SARAH PALIN to run things.

In seeking to play one ups -man-ship with ratings their ship sank into a lake of wrong information.

CNN in shooting from the hip wound up shooting themselves in the foot.

A two-bit imitation swami would’ve done a better job of predicting the outcome.

THEY OUTFOXED FOX NEWS…(who came in 2nd in the false news sweep stakes..)

CNN and most of network and cable news were not the only culprits of this media disaster..Murdoch’s print mavens also got in the act with their headlines and pictures of innocent bystanders as Muslim terrorists…

But CNN?…This reporting Armageddon is probably the end of many careers while others with be shattered almost beyond repair…John King is rumored to be eyeing a job as weatherman in North Dakota…but this could just be a snow job.

Wolf will go back to attempting to be non-partisan towards the PALESTINIANS and who ever Erin Rogers is will soon be just a whisper as Jeff Zucker attempts to hire Ron Burgundy in an effort to return to credibility…


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