Some words bring us to conclusions way beyond their actual utterance…

“Kumquat”: Conjures up so many different feelings if you’re in need of stimulation or fruit.

“Cafe”:…This word makes me feel good and also in need of a toasted ham and cheese  sandwich..sweet coffee and some quality time to stare at people.

“Ratings”…Both debilitating and ominous sounding if you’re not sure about something you’ve done…but can also mean you’re in the navy amongst friends..

“French”: This reminds one of rudeness, sex and capitulation all at the same time…

“Hair Stylist” These two words must be indelibly impressed in your mind when dealing with a gay barber.

“Dick Head”:… Used when describing male Republicans.

“Nuclear” The most glaringly mispronounced word of the worst American president ever of all time ….

“Gay”:…A currently shocking word when used in 30’s movies to describe a really good time or a really happy fellow…

“Rehab”: The first thing that comes into your head when being introduced to Lindsay Lohan.

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