SEXY SOUTH!………………………………..


Marc Sanford has f*cked his way  back into the Senate…

The good Christian white men and women of the great horny state of South Carolina have chosen a dirty old man who liked to user the tax payers money to whore around in Argentina as the example of who they really are.

Some of the most hypocritical dumb assed people on the planet!

Married white women actually voted for this piece of dishonest lying tax cheating son of the South.

Can’t wait to hear what the press and the rest of  America thinks of this amazing result.

SANFORD has given David Letterman and the rest of the late night brigade a feast of material…and they will batter this ass hat into a pile of livid Southern illegal distillery mash!

Does JESUS really condone this? … and will MARC keep his willy in his pants when he gets a load of some kind of a Brazilian diplomats wife?

He disgraced himself in front of his then wife and kids ..made ludicrous headlines as a flagrantly weak and stupid little sex starved man and then asked some kind of Southern God emblem for “forgiveness”… He kissed a couple of snakes , donated a bunch of bucks to Pat Robertson ..who is secretly the Devil…and everything was A-Okay!

Nobody’s perfect…Bill had his ‘big dog’ used in the WHITE HOUSE but it only cost the tax payer a small electric bill..This sex and tax cheater was flying around the world first class on us …and has he said he’s pay us back?…perhaps in CONFEDERATE MONEY?…

He broke so many commandment Charlton Heston is turning over in his grave…

Can’t wait to see the damage control attempts by Fox News…Married females blondes rehabilitating a known adulterer…

We live in a great country ..its a pity the South isn’t a part of it…


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