The great Guru Bernie has once again agreed to bring some of his more current wisdom to this blog. The Guru wishes to tell all that follow him that he will be holding a virtual gathering for the faithful with the next month. We will keep you informed and as usual we ask nothing of you other than your attendance and any in introductions you might have to some of the most gyrating of the Bollywood super star women with the swiveling hips and great make up.

Wisdom of the Guru.

“Root canal is better than meeting Ted Cruz.”

“The way to a man’s stomach is not through Tofurky.”

“You can lead a horse to water but not to Ikea!”

” Medical Marijuana is great even if you’re not sick!”

” Global warming means not only your goose is being cooked”

“Victoria’s Secret is bullshit!”

“Genetically altered vegetables can give people who aren’t boxers cauliflower ears.”

” It is said …Jews who don’t like Matzoh have to see their Rabbi.”

” I have knowledge that the French love Jerry Lewis so much for his 90th birthday they will kiss him on all four cheeks”

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