The Chris Bearde School of Comedy

The Chris Bearde School of Comedy



Koch Brothers want to kill all the people in the World and just leave them here..

Marc Sanford and the South probably can only rise again with the help of Viagra.

Darrel Issa is flogging a dead horse and himself at the same time.

Obama is offering to defuse the conflict with North Korea with gifts of frozen steaks and a 1979 Rambler.

Will “Lap Dancing with the Stars” fly?

We live in a great country pity the South doesn’t want to be in it.

The GOP has lost its mind and is in need of a helpful shrink.

Rex Reed just bitch slapped The Great Gatsby…

The combination of Meth and a Bulldozer is actually not a good thing,

Inhofe says “sunscreen is for sissies”…

Darrel Issa is a blip on the radar of reality,…

Chris Christie refuses to reveal his bras size.

Root canal is a better way to spend lunch than having it with Ted Cruz.

Roger Ailes is threatening CNN with plagiarism…

Fox News viewers poll shows 87% of them would prefer to own guns than be a part of the real World.

The Cleveland police have now been equipped with intelligence.

Charles Ramsay has been offered three front teeth.

Will “Celebrity Child Birth” Fly?


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