Pete’s gone………………………



I lost one of my best pals in the world this month. It’s hard to imagine him gone as he was so much of a larger than life person…somebody who almost defies the description.

His name is Peter Reveen.

I’ve known him since we were 19 year old kids in Sydney Australia…I was working in radio and he was trying make a living being a stage hypnotist…


This kind of a person doesn’t grow on trees…

He was the ultimate Carnie…and he and his wife Coral didn’t know much else but to be on a stage with all their kids entertaining the gullible multitudes.

His hypnotism and his memory act combo was one of the most entertaining nights of  comedy and mystery you’d be privileged to see.  I have never laughed so much and in such a sustained way as at a Reveen show at the height of his career.

At heart Peter was an Aussie through and through …there was no doubt about it…He never lost his Aussie twang or his Aussie ways. He loved jokes about Meat Pies and Norman Erskine ( Inside joke).

In later life we came together again during the 2 years I spent in Las Vegas. I stayed at his monster house surrounded by some of his grown kids and his grand-daughter and a bunch of big Afghans…that would be dogs not TALIBAN.

Peter managed the great magician and illusionist Lance Burton and designed the theater LANCE worked in at the Monte Carlo.

He was an institution at the classic Magic Castle in Hollywood…and a huge super star of live theater in Canada.

But to me he’ll always be that brash Aussie kid whom I rescued from a Chinese Restaurant in Sydney where he was about to run out without paying his bill from a shortage of funds…and whom I took home and fed him and gave him some bucks..and whom ever since then has been one of my closest friends who rescued me back a few times from disaster…

Pete is with me right now and always will be….






4 Responses

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss, Chris!. The above is a wonderful tribute to Pete. I wish I could have seen his show. My condolences to Pete’s family, friends and colleagues. R.I.P. Pete Reveen.

  2. I hear the Singing Kangaroo is playing at the Rose bay RSL once a month.

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