cropped-chris-final-pic-21.jpgThe current version of the main stream media truly believes it owns the high ground…

By its arrogance both from the right and the left it has ceased to realize how low it grades our intelligence…we deserve better..even those of us of lower intelligence.

The frenzied rush to judgement of even the smartest and most fair of our pundits seems so out of proportion and gives credence and air time to the lunatic fringe grand standers.

Like last night for instance there was the certifiable mad woman of Congress Michele Bachmann on Fox News..wild eyed and babbling…

How gratuitous and cynical can Fox News be …knowing full well she’ll be saying sh*t that even Salvador Dali would find surreal?

Then there was ABC News caught quoting non-existent lines from CIA emails..and they had to do a 360…not good..in fact lousy….

Things were just not what they appeared to be in the mad rush to scoop…to dish the dirt…to be first with the character assassinations..

We will  say here and now.. Darrel Issa is a convicted criminal and anything he say “might be taken and used as evidence against him.”….Please press people…no credence or clear water for this fraudulent pile of bull crap.

Rubio is quoted in the press asking for the resignation of somebody at the IRS who is no longer there!..Some media (FOX) just reported he asked for the resignation without the damning follow-up…

Rudio is so dumb he has a pocket full of brainlessness….

Fox News also edited Obama’s explanation to hopefully make him look bad…despicable non journalism….

Then there’s Chuck Todd and David Gregory over at NBC both of whom never let any Obama dig go by without probably taking some money or a golf vacation or at least free dancing lessons under the table from some secret bogus named secret Koch Bros.affiliate.

PBS and Amy Goodman…thank you…we love you even as the rest of the press want to see you blown up.


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