“POT POP!……………





47%  of “thinking” Americans “think” its time to legalize weed …

Even a bunch of REPUBLICANS “think” this also…These are the REPUBLICANS that don’t want the other ones to know they have ‘liberalness’ somewhere in their souls.

The White supremacist bully boys and girls scare the living daylights out of the Repug middle of the roadies …After all they have guns and Fox News on their idiot side…And nobody wants to be seen even agreeing with anything a black socialist non-American baby killing atheist President has to say .. did we say black???

What will happen when “Mary Jane gets sane” and the growers start growing in this vast country?

For one thing CALIFORNIA will be the richest place on the planet…

Cheetos will be able to start its own country.. and trying to get people to join the military or listen to SEAN HANNITY  or smooth jazz will drop dramatically.

Brooks Brothers will have a line of Tye Dye business suits and Woody Harrelson will be the speaker of the house within a year.

But seriously folks making pot legal will alter the face of the American economy as the government will heavily tax its sale and this will fill the emptying deficit coffers up almost immediately.This will send the Boehner/Cantor/ thugs off into the never to return oblivion they so justly deserve.

Jobs will appear all over the place as this huge new industry starts to get underway.

We do see the Obama administration fighting this for what ever reason but the power of the people will we hope begin to take its toll on the resistance.

If you want an example of a long successful life on pot look no further than Keith Richards currently on a World tour making more money than you can stuff up Donald Trump’s ass.

Some say the smoke off set the Heroin and turned it into the magic elixir of a long rock n’ roll life.

Long live the idea of fields and fields and fields of legal ganja… and the return to greatness of the great but crumbling American way of life.


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