McCain Bomb…………………………………


Jay..I think its the rapture

Jay..I think its the rapture



If there is a more ridiculous political figure apart from the young  jerks Cruz and Paul…it is John McCain a man who insists that war is the only answer to non war.

Now we see he’s made an unauthorized secretive trip into Syria to talk to some war lord who he has deemed the boss of the opposition to Assad.

The Obama administration is playing a smarter game than endorsing any opposition party ..this due to the fact that this is a many sided conflict where the various factions involved have not been defined as one solid entity.

McCain… in all his feckless grandstanding… has chosen sides…but not on behalf of the US…but on his own behalf…what he hopes to gain by this is hard to tell..some think he consulted Sarah Palin before making this move.

She told him it sounded like a plan as long as he didn’t drink the water and put paper on the toilet seats..and he should “never trust Rag Heads”…

The sheer lack of respect for his government and their delicate diplomatic agenda is tantamount to treason in some respects…

But he might tell us “It worked for Dennis Rodman!

John McCain should be sent back to Arizona with orders to keep him in a nice house with big locks.










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