Quick everybody another Republican white-collar criminal ,who somehow got elected into office,is making shit up and waving papers in the air trying to look angry and important….


And while you’re at it give Rand Paul the time of day!!.. Quote his stupid little pip squeak diatribes as if they make some kind of sense to anything other than to baboons.

PLEASE…..Quote the raving bullshit of TED CRUZ who apparently is actually wearing Joe McCarthy’s old suits and had obviously been reading up on or sleeping with Anne Coulter..although even a person as twisted as TED CRUZ would not likely contemplate the latter.

THE MEDIA IS IN FULL PANIC MODE as the scatter brained idiot Republicans desperately seek ways to bring down the black guy who seems to be gaining in strength as the economy turns and as Obamacare might even be working as it seems to be in California…

You see folks the media knows that good news is not good for ratings..

News needs to be violent, controversial, disastrous , dangerous, repulsive, and above all not over in a day..

Hence we get scandals that are not scandals but are trumped-up crap that the news people jump on like sucker fish and flog and flog until the dead horse is just horse shit!

But above and beyond that we get murder trials..the Arias trial ..sex, sadism, blood and a hung jury…unbelievably viable in today’s vibrant voyeurism age..the ultimate reality show…

Throw in a Tornado or two, some fires..floods and building collapses and we’re cookin’ with (gas) explosions….but disasters  come and they go…they are of the moment.

Murder trials ,”scandals” and localized wars stick around as long as they can be pumped full of commercials.

So pump up those Fox Blondes and those O’Reilly and Hannity ego’s..bring on the new guys like Tapper and Hayes and keep that bad assed stuff front and centre..

Meanwhile in the real World..The President goes about the really more and more difficult job of being all things to all people…with the weight of the free World around his neck…and the weight of the “not so free” corporate owned ,sometimes almost treasonous and definitely subversive biased American media on his broad shoulders …

Most of us don’t envy him this position but at least we can understand that a lesser leader would’ve wilted long ago under the strain of fighting two wars at the same time….

The war of his personal dignity as the first black President and the war against most of his own people of all races and colors currently being waged by the corporate media and the current REPUBLICAN subliminal terrorist enemy within his own country.

Do we really see this…and can we be as smart as our smart phones and change this equation…?


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