angry-birds_610x355If the Senate reneges and takes down the immigration reform legislation we may be in for a massive epidemic of rogue TACO SHELL LICKING.

We won’t know this of course…but angry non unionized almost slave labor Hispanic workers both legal and illegal will secretly begin licking every taco shell in America.

They will of course do it in Taco Bell and other MEXICAN FOOD CHAINS…but they will also go into the super markets and surreptitiously open big bags of Taco shells and lick the be Jesus out of them. CAN WE BLAME THEM? The REPUBLICAN dominated Congress already just voted down the Dream Act again. I ,for one , will join mu Hispanic friends and relatives in some heavy duty licking…

Soon the country will be become suspicious of every single taco shell they see .

This could be the end of of the hard shell taco as we know it.

It will put tens of thousand’s of people out of work in the food industry but there is a good side to this.

THE GROWING OF CORN is 95% owned by Monsanto in the US and MEXICO…so as the masses stop buying previously licked Taco Shells and Tortillas they will live longer and not grow extra toes and begin to glow in the dark.

So do I have this problem licked or what?


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