s-DICK-CHENEY-large300“Hey there stop telling me what a war profiteer and a vicious thoughtless killer I am or I’ll have you thoughtlessly killed”

Scalia-Fox-News-Sunday-300x210I believe in the rights of all men who dye their hair and don’t give a flying fuck about minorities , women , kids, dogs or Muslims.

bush_salute_veteranLook in my eyes..what do you see?..Right I’m an idiot and I got to destroy the greatest country on the planet and kill men , women and children of all ages ..and I can still get a good nights sleep..

McCain and Palin CampaignThis is the size of my comprehension…I’m thinking of becoming the first woman President of the USA …or getting my hair done…what do think ya..which one?

th_m_3507d6994ce041b2b3e5f6a9796b2c5a                         I love lying to the public and beer.

grover-norquist-and-debacleMy name is Grover…no really it is …its Grover and I love my mommy…

thumbnailWhen I fart ..I really fart and when I hate people I get a huge hard on!

Franklin GrahamMy name is Franklin Graham…my daddy gave me lots of money and I went out and became a drug addict and an alcoholic…and then my daddy stuck a cattle prod up my ass and I found God.

glenn-beck-goes-crazy-in-radio-show-pin-head-funny-comedyI am sick in the head but this seems to be a way to make a lot of money on radio so I’m not seeing a shrink..although sometimes I don’t like me very much…

bush_salute_veteran                                                  BOO ME AGAIN!!


I like cheese!



hank_williams_jr_620x350 My dad told me when I was 12 that I’d grow up to be an asshole

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