It is said that the truth cleanses all things….

Right now in the United States we seem not to be able to define what the truth is.

We are being lied to by the Right and the Left and all the folks in power in between.

Whom should we trust? There sees to be a dwindling number of people in power to turn to.

Just look at the damage wrought on such pillars of honesty whom we really thought were above lying to us.

Here are some examples of the truth possibly being stretched…

This week Fox News commentator LAURA INGRAM told her audience that The Tooth Fairy is a gay man.

Ted Cruz assured his constituents that he has never said the word “aboot” in entire his life and he also hates the word “Mountie.”

John Bohner has gone on record as never having done anything he’s not proud of including denying always drinking the holy communion wine when a choir boy and blaming the Jews.

John McCain has denied he plays violent video games in which he “bomb bomb bombs” Muslim countries into subservient compost heaps.

Roger Ailes tells his staff he wasn’t the one who wrote the memo saying ” if anyone at Fox News says Obama is actual human and not a “wailing banshee from the depths of ungodly hell” they will be fired and never work again not even in North Dakota. ”

Rick Perry says if he gets to be President he won’t have all the intellectuals shot just the intelligent ones.

Justices Scalia and Thomas will not commit to denying they have man love.

Franklin Graham says he loves his fellow man even his fellow man if that fellow man is wearing a dress.

Franklin GrahamGod loves me more than he loves my dad because Dad goes to sleep in his oatmeal now.


BarbaraWalters%20magenta%20210%20x%20170Replacing me with Sarah Palin is a great idea if you like Bubonic plague.





2 Responses

  1. This is the perfect time to awaken from the noise and, without bitterness, reclaim our own minds. Coming to the understanding that politics, all politics, is a one way street leading to a dead end, can teach us more about the world we live in than getting caught up in the game. Freeing ourselves may be the ultimate life lesson.

    • Thank you for caring and for your advice..

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