Snowden Job…………………………………

jokhf2rIf ever there was a new definition of “mixed reviews” it would be by just saying the words: “Edward Snowden.”

This contract worker for the extremist right- wing of the NSA has taken on the “apparent” task of exposing an “apparent” rogue unit of the US government.

Seems according to the Guardian Newspaper and Glen Shit Disturber the NSA know all about all of us…”frankly Scarlette …in my case…I don’t give damn if more people know I like to stick a cattle prod up my ass every Thursday while wearing Moose Antlers and singing Casey and the Sunshine band tracks. It makes me more of an interesting phenomenon.

It has not been said loud and clear enough for some of us that the NSA marches to its own Fascistic drummer boys …namely the shadowy corporate mega-powerful all-encompassing Carlyle Group…The backbone philosophy being World domination through oil, processed food and owning all the air, water and child pornography.

And we know… as we write things like this … we maybe being monitored…although that… to this writer …would be the height of arrogance and ego.

This is just a sheer fun way of getting one’s rocks off…and I don’t expect to be droned….

Some say this Snowden guy is a hero others say he’s a monster…I mean it’s really splits-ville…

Frankly the jury is still out on this guy..what it has done however is really fuck up Darrell Issa’s publicity stunt…. and we’ve all wanted to see this sniveling little con artist slip back into obscurity which he wears like a Saville Row suit.

Villain or Hero.?..

When Republicans and Democrats are split down the middle..when Maher and Stewart are on opposite sides..hey…we may finally be getting back to real debate…but then there’s the US Congress! The “SHIP OF FOOLS” in the dry dock of angry racists stupidity waiting to be repaired by next year’s voters.

From my lips…


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