937-112th_Congress_sworn_in___01_05_11_4iIgwWVu_0003_standalone_prod_affiliate_138AMERICA IS INFESTED WITH WHITE MEN!

For the country to survive we must stop this!

Its been going on for too long.

You might say “What’s wrong with white men?”

Well ever since they’ve been running things…things have really been screwed up…

When they came here first they made all the brown and red men here angry ..They massacred them..gave them their diseases and exploited the shit out of them while telling them this is “not your country but the white man’s country!”

This was confusing to the red men and the brown men because they lived here first and didn’t want to build ships and go any place else….

That was just the start…These old white men then started fighting each other and arguing over who owned what …and this went on and on and on.

White men started bringing black men here and treating them like shit ..and most of them would’ve still be doing these things if other white men didn’t fight them ..so that the black men were treated less than like shit…a little bit less than like shit…

White men caused more wars corruptions and depressions right up to recently…they still don’t like black men or brown men or red men or even white women whom they want to own and look inside their vaginas…

Most white men in power don’t like people being healthy or getting a free education..and they don’t like old people… even old white people who might be related to them. They hate regulations and they love automatic weapons.

Most older white men hate the fact that they have to take orders from a black man now.

This came about because a few white men with a brain in their heads, plus all the brown, black, yellow and rainbow-colored people of all sexes, got together and voted their white man bigoted loutish white asses out of governing the country.

But there are still enough old white men around fighting this cruel vicious destructive war against progress .. this will be their legacy as the rest of the Americans gradually “out births” them…then they will be the minority and who knows maybe the rest of us will vote that they will have to sit in the back of the bus of progress….Its called reversal of fortunes.

And what of white women and younger white people ..this might be part of a plan…


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