Bank robbers…………

bank of america

“I went into the B of A today and the bank tellers were wearing ski masks!”

This is a joke but what’s happening in the banking industry is not a joke. It is a travesty…

It is white collar crime being perpetrated on a vulnerable public …

Why is this allowed to happen and why so openly ?

Because it can!

Recently a whistle blower revealed that bank executives at B of A were paid bonuses for falsifying foreclosure notices by speeding up the dates of the foreclosures.

This is a crime but nobody is being punished so far. Elizabeth Warren is on it…let’s hope she can get somewhere as she rages against the machine that’s slowly destroying the middle class’ opportunity to hold its head above the floodgates of corporate destruction.

It seems weird that the 1% is so hell bent on killing off the very people who buy their product…perhaps they know more about profits than we do…but some of us can’t quite see the math.

Making a society threadbare to prove a point doesn’t seem that smart.

Perhaps they want to turn us into zombie like slaves that will work for food and lodging…but what does this achieve if there’s nobody to buy the stuff the slaves make..

Personally I don’t get it… 

The US Congress of old white guys and wild eyed lunatics obstruct business progress and pass stupid useless unconstitutional laws about abortion and women’s rights to their vaginas…

Doesn’t this defy what should be their own corporate goals of smaller government and better business opportunities? 

Is the Corporate world hell bent on building another giant Edsel?

People thought Henry Ford was invincible…but was he really Miss Utah?


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