“Beastly Boys”…………………………….


We’re living in an age where dignified discourse and normal discussions about how the world should be operating with class, style, humane behavior, compassion, truth and love have been lost in a sea of the hurtful words of extremist brutality!

The media and the United States Congress have combined to bring us to the brink of a world seething with hate for everything most of us hold sacred as just plain everyday normal lifestyle experiences.

We are assailed on a daily basis by wild-eyed blood thirsty beasts screaming incredibly disgusting  invective on our society’s cherished legal rights.

It is truly amazing to be a witness to the outpouring of stupid out of control ludicrous dialogues spreading like a useless Tsunami of crap across the airwaves and our reeling society’s social graces,…

Forgetting about the Limbaugh’s the Alex Jone’s and the Savage’s…let’s go to the video tape!

GOP’s Stella Tremblay from Connecticut saying Obama “ordered Black Ops  to carry out Boston Bombing”..she’s resigned… due to non stop hysterical laughter…but others should resign..

The “fetus masturbation” Congress clown is still there and not apologetic…

Inhofe who thinks Global Warming is a hoax…Steve King who likes dog fighting and hates animals… a whole slew of  rape excuse-rs and Bachmann who says: “if you can’t find a job you deserve to starve! “she’s still there for now…

Then there’s the raving degenerate Republican cost cutting fools who want to take billions off the food stamp programs! Destroy the public school system…deny university students loans …

Get a load of Ted Cruz and the Fascist gangsters who are just plain racists and who also want to abolish the IRS to the cheers of the funny hatted “great spelling” old whitey’s….

Oh and the insane seditious Rick Perry who wants a Christian Texas as law..Thank you Jesus….

Then there’s Paul Ryan and his desire to kill off unhealthy old people and Eric Cantor who recently blamed the Farm Bill’s failure to pass on Nancy Pelosi!!..This is about as much of a stretch as Joan Rivers face is this week.

The outlandish cruel bigoted criticisms of Obama from the Congressional crazies PLUS national right wing talk radio shows PLUS  the out-and-out lying bullshit of Sean Hannity and the Fox News “truth criminals” has divided this country into three categories…

#1 Normal people.

#2 Abnormal people.

#3 Total moronic idiots.

You know where you fit….I know where I fit…

Horrible …just plain horrible….


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