“N” word…..

s-BLACK-HOLE-largeDefending the use of the word “Nigger”is a tough one. Bill Maher tried to do it the other night to Bob  Herbert…unsuccessfully..he looked trite and small.

When I was a kid …a long long time ago …living in the UK right after the war…My dad and mum referred to Black People as “fuzzy wuzzies”… Arabs were “wogs” and Jews were “yids”…these words were in my vocabulary.  My dad would call a Jewish woman a “Jewess”… Jews were still stigmatized in England in the lat 40’s early 50’s…of course being a kid I went along with it.. I was English I was better than them.

When migrating to Australia as a 13 year old I found a new wave of bigotry…In Aussie land the Aboriginals were “Boongs” …all women were ‘Sheila’s “..migrants from Eastern Europe were “Refo’s”..for refugees….Italians were “Dago’s” and we Brits were “Pommy bastards.

Suddenly we were a hated minority…The British had abandoned Australia during the war was the spin. The Americans saved Australia from the “Japs” ..the “Nips”..the “Yellow Peril!”

As a 13-year-old “Pommy bastard” I was beaten by gangs of Aussie kids…had to fight at school constantly ..I was tied to a tree once and whipped with sticks. Things you just don’t forget. I am a “pommy bastard” to this day to my Aussie pals…they call me a “mongrel” because I made myself an”Aussie’ and spoke their language, played their sports. made them bleed, surfed better than them, captained the Rugby teams , married their women had their kids, drank their beer and served in their army for God sake….So being called “mongrel’ was a back-handed Aussie compliment meaning I was partly them.

I even entertained their kids for 5 years on television for God’s sake.

So I was …and am …the “PB” words…I take it as a compliment now…I wear the insult with pride…I am an honorary “mate”…

When a black man or woman calls another black man or woman a “nigger’ it is my humble opinion that they take it as their word of expressing solidarity .

It is used with irony, with cynicism with humor not as an insult but as an affirmation and defiance.

When its said by a privileged rich white woman whose family used to be slave owners..then that unthinking bigoted white woman, who obviously didn’t learn anything about how she should fit into today’s world …deserves the consequences…

Really deep down you might know that she’s never going to learn.

This is a major stumbling block in the country right now …so many not willing to grow and to learn the simple fact of human dignity.

Somehow some of us did….

I’m as “American” as any of these other names now … and happy in that skin!

I have lived here most of my adult life. ..I have no axes to grind other than to hope for sanity in an ever increasing insane world.

“When will we ever learn..when will we ever learn?”

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