OKAY..I don’t know about you but I’m now conflicted.

It seems that Glen Greenwald might also be right now.

Snowden it would appear has flown to Russia. This puts a new skew on thing.

Iceland I could take…Uruguay…even Pitcairn Island…but Russia??

It puts Cheney and Obama on the same page about this whole thing .this is sick!!.

It makes the Guardian Newspaper have to step back it seems from Gotcha to a possible Botcha!

How will the country react to this news.?..

This is a major major development puts Putin in control of the media…it is a coup of coups. It is anti ..anti American …

It makes this blogger nervous and today very very pro-American government…will it  last however?  and  so is this a good thing or a bad thing?…I have no idea…but when MSNBC and Fox news get on the same side of things as they may…what’s up with this?

One things for sure Hannity can’t blame Obama for this…


This is weird..

Perhaps he’ll fly onto somewhere else more palatable but doesn’t appear that way …he may be a really nasty piece of work …

Comments please.


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