thomas_300Can we say a few words about the white man’s black man Clarence Thomas?.

Possibly the 2nd worst choice, after Scalia, in the history of the Supreme Court.

They vote in lock step…they deserve each other…but the people of the USA do NOT deserve them.

Clarence is a slave to Scalia and the corporate Religo-Fascist wing of Bush appointed “SUPREME COURTIERS. Thomas is the weak and used insipid arm of the worst set of racists and right wing extremists ever who now have a dangerous regressive majority in the highest court in the land…

A High Court that is at its lowest ebb of truth and impartiality.

The Supreme Court majority is… at this time… as impartial as Sarah Palin at a “Save the Wolves Convention!”

And the worst of the worst of them is Clarence Thomas whose wife lobby’s against and fund raises against everything that Obama wants for the country…

Clarence Thomas  a Colonel Sanders style black guy in a White suit.

Does the word “recuse” mean anything anymore?

Thomas is a judge who sits in judgement of his own people and betrays them with every (Scalia inspired) copycat vote….

Thomas is a black man in obvious fear of  “the white man”..and a man who might think “J-Z” are just 2 letters in the alphabet.

We haven’t brought up Alito and Chief Justice Roberts in charge of destroying the DEMOCRATIC party yet….

These two, in their obvious open disdain of the current PRESIDENT, are like discount REPUBLICAN lackeys…

This court’s decisions are as predictable as a Donald Trump news conference where he talks about himself at the exclusion of anything that makes any sense other than satisfying his own personal need to seem important.

Hobby Lobby and Union busting are the flavors of the month.

We here at Bearde’s Eye View don’t like Justice Alito one little bit..he appears sweaty and sneaky biased beyond the pale ….and may even like being cruel to Vegans.

But take all of this majority and their crap…who knows one or two of them may redeem themselves and become Buddhists ..

Just look at Clarence…Clarence Thomas is worthless as an independent thinker and Judge and worst than that… He is… at this time… worthless to his race.



*Please this is the opinion of this blog only and we welcome dissenting comments from both sides of the issues.




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