Getting this I hope NSA.

I have nothing to hide..even the fact that I like fat chicks and BELGIUM BEER..but you already know that and my favorite color is yellow.

The SUPREME COURT’S decision today regarding the minority right’s to vote is …some of us revolutionaries believe…to be a wake up call to the indolence and apathy of this nation’s generally tolerant but half awake public.

We have had enough and I suspect the current Federal Government has had enough also.

The red owned states in this country have started a concerted effort… aided and abetted by the vast sums of corporate cash…to revolutionize our DEMOCRACY and turn it back into a regressive white male dominated society run exclusively as a private club for the 1%..

This is nothing new…you can read far more erudite blogs than this on the subject.

Here’s our message however.

We want a revolution!  We want to take down this insidious “white man-made” rotting of our basic needs and the destruction of our social benefits…the safety valves we’ve already earned.

We the tax payers need to be in the same comfort zone as those that evade taxes.

We want to protect our women and our children, our food ,our air and our old people…Those  currently trying to take all of this away from us and give it on a platter to those that don’t need it cannot see the imminent danger they just might be in.

We are on the Federal Government’s side as long as the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is in the hands of the people. This is a fact.

If the FEDERALS act on our behalf we are with them..this is their revolution too.

The red states and the SUPREME couriers of the extreme right are, as of this day, the dangerous revolutionaries…They want this country for their own and they don’t want to work for it.

They are… in the minds of some of us … ” Home Grown Terrorists” pushing fear factors at us in increasingly vicious and crazy over the top FALSE rhetoric.

They want us to fold and lay down and become soft and flabby and easy to manage. I maybe soft and flabby…but not the other thing…never have been …

Obama has to get up of his ass and put these white men and their minions on notice that this is NOT the way the American people want their country to be run. NOT!!!

These SCOTUS scumbags are left overs from the war criminal years of Bush and Cheney.They are stale as leftovers are stale…

So what are we going to do about it?…it’s here…it’s on the line…it’s time for the people who care in those red states to show their disdain for the current assaults….We’re seeing a start of this in TEXAS and the Carolina’s.

Its time for the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to assure all the people in every state that they will be there and armed if necessary to make sure that all Americans can vote.

This will not be a second “civil war” it will be the “2nd revolutionary war”…it will come…as it came in France and Russia and other countries when the ruling class couldn’t see the utter anger from the layers of layer cake.


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