ISSA DOPE………………………


“Issa Dope” a gratuitous play on words about a nasty little weasel of a grandstanding ego tripping grifter politician.

A CONVICTED CON MAN who usurped his appointment to committee by presenting misleading and limited evidence.

This flawed evidence used in an unsuccessful attempt to implicate the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED States in a trumped-up scandal that failed.

Darrell Issa is rat sh*t ( Google:”IRS also targeted Progressives”) on a stick.

Darrel to be inducted into the “Lying Scumbags Hall of Fame”today.

Obama has asked Davide Copperfield if he can disappear him.

In San Diego they’ve just published legal volume six of “Suspicions of Darrell’s Criminal Con Games Activities.”

Even Darrell’s pet skunk doesn’t trust him.

He’s lucky San Diego is close to the border for when they run him out-of-town on a rail …

Darrell will star in a new movie..”The Bad, The Worst and the Ugly.”


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