cnn-logofox-news-just-liesIts happening CNN is morphing into the soothing mint tea version of Fox News.

By hiring Newt Gingrich the man who disgraced and usurped his position as Speaker of the House…the man who knows a quick buck turn over when he sees one..A man who has never seen a lecture tour for outrageous fees he didn’t like we see that CNN has gone of the deep end of reality in news.

Hiring defunct grifter politicians has been the domain of Fox News’s Roger Ailes until now.

And further CNN has hired S.C Cups a woman with the voice of a wounded banshee and the class of Paula Deen on high cholesterol steroids…

She was on Bill Maher’s show recently and the rest of the panel needed a fork lift to get a word in..

A date with her would be a near death experience…

While Wolf Blitzer sits on the Israeli right wing of the news and Anderson Cooper brings up his rear …we are faced with the prospect of a Fox News in full battle garb ready to “out-right “this upstart bunch of psuedo Fascists over at CNN.


Sean Hannity will be given full reign to call Obama : “The reincarnation of the Black Plague.”

Sarah Palin will kiss and caress an automatic assault weapon to the sounds of a Ted Nugent rock anthem.

Bill O’ will use the word ‘fuck’ and not be bleeped as long as it’s in good taste and about Nancy Pelosi.

Michelle Malkin will insinuate that Global Warming is caused by women having abortions…

And CNN will counter by paying Newt Gingrich to actually try to get back into politics and hike up his cruise ship fees while making seditious remarks about the weakness of Obama …

“FOX NEWS VS CNN” for the hearts and minds for dumb bigots, old white dumb bigots and a few Chinese…

BUT!!!   They can try all they want for ratings with new shows..etc .. what we really always need are more really sensational murderers …that what we’re talkin’ about…


Zimmerman up front and center and now next Aaron Hernandez..

The world is our oyster..suck on it….


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