VAGINA ATTACK!……………………….



Governor John Kasich has just signed into Ohio law the most invasive and cruelly unfair abortion law in the country….Making sure he shores up the ignorant old ignorant white people’s vote along with the Catholic 16th Century vote and the “Fox News Blondes RATINGS vote.

John along with Rick Perry are in full blitzkrieg mode in their scorched earth policy to destroy women’s privacy and the rights to control their own bodies.

These stinky guys and their Fascist horses are screwed up misogynist and probably have penis size problems…Many of us Liberals may have this problem also …but all of my pals don’t want to stick weird things up women…unless they ask us to….

This kind of legislation will not lead to fewer abortions …but to more deaths or many women in emergency wards.

This legislation will not lead to “less government” …but more government as these new stupid f*cked up laws need to be administered by thousands of hours of surveillance and paper work. At least it’ll create jobs….

This will also not lead to “less state money being wasted” …but millions more state monies being wasted as the ACLU and lawyers across the country begin to contest these laws in Federal court.

But at least it satisfies the “Christians” who hate and despise the real world while relying on the teachings of the Bible which was written by a bunch of old Jews who were pissed off because nobody had invented air conditioning yet…


All women must register their vaginas.!!

More on this tomorrow….

Wendy Davis for Secretary of Women’s Defense.

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