Just thinking of what this country would be like if the GOP run states suddenly got to be in control of things nationally?

Millions of people would be taking to the streets to let it be known that no Christian fundamentalist ideas will be tolerated in a multi-racial, multi-religious country.

This IS CURRENTLY an extreme World …Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Palestine , Nigeria , Honduras, CHICAGO …The Sudan ..millions being displaced and murdered

Politicians, religions and corporations thrive on extremism…they breath it….

They make it happen to see how far they can press the public into submission with their various ideas..they use the World as their personal “think tank.”..and are egged on by business power in many instances as instability assist take overs.

Back at home  the take over is ion the minds of the Right Wing  through religion…”Let’s see how far we can go in looking into women’s vaginas”….”let’s see how far we can go in taking away voting rights”…”how many public schools can we close before they riot.””.How dirty can we make the air”..”.how many oil wells can we drill”…”Can we somehow make some rape legal?”


“When will they riot because we don’t pay no filthy taxes?”….

We the people are “big business  research.”..we are their Nielsen ratings…”how far can we push them” that is their motivation… and as in the recent SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision they’re pushing really hard…

Morsi over in the LAND OF THE PHARAOHS tried the extreme side of Muslim faith on everyone.a while back and it didn’t resonate now he’s on death row so much for fundamental  take overs in a moderate country..of course they got the second worse back in the form of the Army. HOWEVER Egypt was going the way of Iran which is a completely unreasonable brutal religious bunch of bigots and child molesters.

The moderates tried to fight it in Iran but the regime started hanging protesters from lamp posts…and in droves….That didn’t happen in Egypt …and when you find yourself rooting for an army coup..that’s how screwed up it is right now.

In the latest polls the American people are in a large majority against the Supreme Court’s barbaric and wrongfully treacherous cutting down of the Voting Bill of Rights and Woman’s Rights …and their disapproval is being proved RIGHT already by Southern extremists in North Carolina …not waiting a beat before making it more difficult to vote if you’re poor, old or black,an atheist or a vegetarian…

The World is slowly but surely becoming more and more disgusted by the way the supposedly Christian , Muslim and Jews use their religions to their propel their extremism into places of power where they can run roughshod over rules and regulations and basic human dignity. The corporations and the religious Right’s unholy alliance is hell bent on a new version of the American dream….it is not ours

Power to the people…


Wisconsin Budget                                                                WE ARE HERE !!!


2 Responses

  1. Thanks Chris. Well said. I hope we don’t have to wait until there Is a coup or a junta! With our horrid Supreme Court, despicable Citizen’s United, Dreadful House and Senate, is there hope? Not till the Koch’s and Adelson’s money can’t buy elections and bills.

    • always great to hear from a fellow traveler in reality..we can only hope we out number the truth deniers….best for indie day ….cb

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