AV Nick w pitchfork int

The owner of of Whole Foods is not a very nice chap…His food products maybe organic but his politics are archaic.

He ‘s definitely a union hater and doesn’t care for Obama care…In fact he calls it FASCISM…He is a Rand Paul aficionado…and as we see today probably a believer in the over turning of Roe vs Wade.

But there they are in their thousands the old hippie lefties and the well heeled non voter masses still buying up his product. At least their bodies are healthy..but what of their minds…

Some of us have stopped being suckers.  The prices were always a little suspect fully on the high side of over the top….But we went there because we felt we were making a healthy statement to our systems.

His use of underpaid over worked labor …his lack of providing health care benefits for the large staffs put him in the category of corporate crook-dom.

This is the wave of the future and as Paul Krugman states ominously today …we may never go back to the way it was before.

The Koch mentality and the hundreds of millions of dollars that will be constantly pumped into the fight to take over DEMOCRACY is already underway and politics can’t stand in its way.

When the very foundations of our apparent fight against unhealthy food is being undermined by the very people we want to trust ..then we’re really up shit creek.

Urban Outfitters you’d think was a progressive type of really funky 21st century fashion statement kind of an emporium…but the guy who owns that and who gets down and urban with the shirts and stuff is not a good fit for the look. He hearts Rick Santorum…a man who’s thinks bestiality lurks in every  local farmyard.

So things are not what they appear to be…

And now we can look forward to Rick Perry announcing he’s running for PRESIDENT on the platform…”Let’s put an inter-vaginal probe booth in every mall”


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