When you wake up in the morning and read the current daily news one thing becomes crystal clear.

The majorities in the Supreme Court and in the US Congress are against the main stream will of the “majorities” of the American people.

This is a simple fact.

It is. of course, the continuing legacy of the worst Presidency in the history of this country.

A legacy born and festered in subterfuge , lies and criminal activity, corporate greed and racial hate.

It’s still with us all these years later and even when this virulent political disease known as ‘conservatism’ has been challenged and seemingly defeated in general elections it is still entrenched in power.

How does this change?

Only when the complacent attitude of the majority has had enough.

The mood of this country… as of today … is not ready to take to the streets in the huge angry numbers needed to show the Fascists in power in the Red States that they’ve gone too far in their zeal to control civil and woman’s rights.

We need enormous crowds to show the Congress they have to stop their obstruction and get the country back to work.

Some of us believe that this is about to change.

The seeds of dissension are slowly blossoming.

We see it in the South…In TEXAS and other states as the EXTREMIST LEGISLATURES¬† controlled by Koch Brothers have overstepped their mark in their arrogant disregard for the Constitution.

It feels like the first step will be a picture of millions of minority Americans descending on Washington to protest the bogus and wrongful gutting of the civil rights voting law.

PEACEFUL crowds the size of the original Civil Rights movement perhaps.

Massive civil protests will be the start up but not the finish.

They’ll be protesting the despicable and racist decision handed down by a majority of right-wing Judges completely out of touch with modern America.

A decision a major portion of average Americans are noticeably uncomfortable with.

This is a beginning…

GEORGE CARLIN was a man who brought reality to the stage when he told his audiences that we have no control over our destinies any more and that we are in the hands of the corporate Visigoths. This had truth written all over it, but it is a simple distillation of a more complicated issue. The corporations cannot exist without the consumers.

When the consumers are not there for them they cease to be who they are and they become empty shells.

So when the revolution comes it will NOT JUST BE THE PEOPLE IN THE STREETS but it will be the boycotting of corporate product on such a scale to weaken the politics and strengthen dignity of the individual in massive product boycotts.

It just needs organization.

This will come when the people have had enough.


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