018-hhpod-4metamorphosis-postersI was in Super Cuts last night…and I swore I saw Clark Kent….

Last time at Victoria’s Secret I saw Marcus Bachmann in the big and tall section.

Just thought as he was arrested again this week  George Zimmerman has 2 choices “go to jail and get killed” or “not go to jail and get killed.”

Sarah Palin says she may run for half the PRESIDENCY.

CNN hires Newt Gingrich to improve the “lousy LYING wife cheating grifter demographics for Zucker…

Ted Cruz’ father may suddenly be afflicted with spontaneous human combustion.

Bill O’Reilly has been asked to prove by medical science if he any class or truth in any small compartment in his entire body.

Lady Gaga is having a costume made up entirely of Rand Paul’s old hairpieces.

And in a linking weirdness Ted Nugent has offered to shoot some squirrels and possums for inclusion in Rand’s next weave.

Rand Paul denied he’s a racist at a recent Duck Dynasty Cross burning  and revival charity luncheon.

Mitch McConnell has just been declared clinically wrong.

Eric Cantor has been given a year to get back to being a quality Jew…

Texas is eying a law prohibiting women from actually being women.

North Carolina will build a moat around it.

The Red State Governors are hatching a plot to simultaneously drone attacks on  New York and California.

Jerry Brown has offered the South free copies of his new book “How Turn a Stupid GOP Governor’s Deficit into a Huge F%#^*Liberal Governor’s Surplus!”

Chris Christie has hired a criminal lawyer to defend him in the Bridgegate fiasco ..this will be known as the Al Capone defense.

tim%20tebow%20bowingThe power of prayer..Tim wanted a career as a quarterback so ESPN hired him as a sports commentator as even God knew Tim was about as accurate at throwing the football as Mister Magoo in a snow storm….But God is  a benevolent God.


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