The verdict in the Trayvon Martin case will now promulgate fresh and troubling fear in the poorer African-American communities.

It’s just that simple

The actual guilty decision by a non black jury always seemed inevitable to many lawyers who looked beyond the race issue to the actual Florida law.

Now blacks face a larger and more urgent problem.

Will vigilante fever grip the legal gun toting racists who might feel they have an immunity from shooting down anyone they feel is invading their space.?

This has always been there in the minds of black parents. Now a jury of nearly all fellow whites seems to have made a case for legal violence.

Racism is alive and well and still breeding hatred in the minds of ignorant whites and those evil enough to continue to sow the seeds of dissension.

Fear of vengeful black hordes taking over their country is also a part of white America’s psyche.

We have a black president elected and reelected by the majority of the people for God’s sake how fearful does that make the newly minted minority of ignorant whites?

This doesn’t even begin to make us whitey’s quake as badly as when we add the Hispanic hordes and Asian hordes, let alone the Muslims and the Curry Suckers.

Hordes ready to take over the peaceful suburbs giving rap music, drugs and pornographic fortune cookies to their sons and daughters and intermarrying making WHITE AMERICA quickly disappear into a morass of  impure brown people.

Brown Americans who will intern them , torture them, discriminate against them and eventually make them sit in the back of the bullet trains and the back of the completely alternative energy buses.

Shallow white philosophy goes there simply because it can’t help itself as that’s what it did to its minorities and it is what it expects to be done to it.

The only possible rear guard action this brainless philosophy can take is to attempt to keep the inevitable and unacceptable change from happening for as long as possible.

Fear has always been the weapon of choice and the verdict in this current trial makes the white fear ease up a little as it appears to be a victory for white over black.

However there’s another message here.

A verdict such as this, although shocking and anger making to the more Liberal minded , is also a verdict of momentous importance .

Taken in context with the Right-Wing of the Supreme Court’s punitive gutting of the voting rights law it is an enormous watershed moment in the continuing fight for equality.

It is a call to the mass of the American people to rise up in peaceful protest not against this single case of moral and lawful injustice but for all the injustices currently being heaped on all of us by the White extremist dominated Congress and the White extremist dominated State houses across the country.

Trayvon, in meeting his maker at the hands of prejudice, can from his grave give added incentive to the rising tide of anger at the arrogance and disregard for human dignity being heaped upon the most vulnerable Americans by the current attitudes of a portion of this country’s lawmakers.

Power to the people…


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  1. Thanks for this, Chris! Sitting with this for the last couple of days has seriously bummed me out for the rest of all minorities. A category I fall under unless I lived in Japan or maybe Brazil. Bigotry in America has existed since the beginning and will continue to the end of our generation and beyond. Haters of anything not white and not of Christian faiths, will remain and grow which is what they want. They live and breathe fear daily with the help of the politically conservative who feed and nourish their concerns.
    I feel justified today in shouting out that I love animals and not people!

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