This is just the way of things however  the virulent question remains; is this still a hopelessly racially divided country?

Judging from the reactions from the positive reaction of many the answer is a disturbing yes!

The answer to the question your kids always asked as you left the drive way on a trip “Are we there yet?” is a disturbing no!

The blatant way the defense attorneys treated the verdict with self-congratulatory statements and converse comments on ‘role reversal ‘ theories says they felt immune to criticism of the death of an unarmed black teen.

It was obvious from the general non legal reaction that the right wing reveled in the verdict.

Zimmerman, as a dumb ass thug , decided the best chance he has to stay relevant to at least somebody was to not appear contrite.

The trial and its aftermath will play out along political and racial lines and those lines are disappointingly clear. They are debilitating in an American society we expected to have come much further than it seems to have.

In addition the statements of Justice Scalia and the voting record of Justices Thomas,Justice  Alito and even the Chief Justice himself point to a racial bias from the very top of the  bias chain.

This country elected and reelected a black man as its leader. The majority of the people spoke twice. We rejoiced we thought we were getting there.

But we were not there yet!..Silly us…

The moment Obama stepped into the position of being the most powerful man on the planet he was the symbol of a dangerous non-American criminal usurper in an imaginary hoodie to millions of white people amongst us. It was instant and surprising as we thought we had taken a giant step forward.

It was to the side however.

The ensuing overall results to the installing of a black President have been decidedly mixed

He’s done amazing things under the most difficult circumstances of veiled vile  racist political innuendos. He stands tall and dignified through this gauntlet of hate. He sets the example for his people who still every day have to face the prejudice and unfairness of a society that in many ways still fails to treat them as equals.

We as a society have not yet reached that acceptable peek of enlightenment necessary to be able to claim to be great.

We are not definitely there yet.



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