evolution-of-gopLet’s make a short list of some of the deranged idiots purporting to be politicians and pundits.

We love Mitch McConnell, or as we like to call him “SENATOR Z!” His problem is he thinks he’s still in the early 20th Century and he has the ties to prove it. His prediction of a ‘one term President’ had all the weight of candy floss. He’s just had to eat humble pie with ‘whipped’ cream as Harry Reid called his obstructionist butt bluff.

Mitch cannot abide the thought of losing the filibuster as a method of destroying DEMOCRACY.

So when Harry says:” if you don’t allow these Obama appointments to go through I’m gonna give you a nuclear enema” …the old geezer took an embarrassing step sideways..

He’ll soon be back trying to destroy the PRESIDENT and the country’s progress. Some might hope that an angry vigilante sees him going to the 7/11 for a six-pack and thinks he’s a Muslim terrorist and does a Zimmerman.

Boehner and Cantor …which sounds like a sleazy ambulance chasing law firm …are Duel Derangers…

These two are at the mercy of the biggest bunch of rat bags in the history of the Congress.

Budding Marquis De Sade’s and the apparent throwback reincarnations of the Spanish Inquisition are running rampant around the floor of Congress…

These cretins are destroying long-established human rights and the checks and balances on corporate business inanities. They are out of control extremist buffoons making statements that should see them being rounded up put in cages and sedated immediately let alone being allowed to make sound bites on Fox News and ‘the new Fox News ‘ CNN.

We are indeed living in a time when the media allows grown men and women to act like the Marx Brothers on speed.

Things are definitely becoming intolerable for the enlightened amongst us as the shouting gets louder and the reason-ability of most in Congress begins to resemble a combination of Monty Python and DANTE’ S INFERNO…We’ve  been “Bachmannized “.  We’ve  become almost immune and desensitized to the mad ramblings of Rand and Ted and Louie they’re like combos of Daffy Duck and Woody Woodpecker with some Pee Wee thrown in as salad dressing..

On the pundit side there’s Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly they’re so vile as to make swamp gas seem palatable.

They view for the opportunity to be the most revolting racist pigs.

It’s amazing that America can take this constant abuse and still seem okay…means some of us must be doing something right…while the rest are sinking into a mass of pseudo Christian doctrines that’s spewing ignorance and ill manners ..to wit Ted Nugent who has little racist devils growing in his ear wax which are spreading into his diseased brain and down into his useless scrotum which will in time just fall off an a most inappropriate time. ..

and we don’t mean that lightly.


Like ignoring it for what it is ….BULLSHIT!!


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