jesusisforleaseJESUS said it: “Forgive them Father..etc”..

It appears in New York at least that two over sexed but talented political dudes are about to be forgiven by the voters…JESUS lives in the hearts and minds of Manhattan.

Weiner lived up to his name by exposing his name sake to strange women. Obviously something really seething got in his pants and he had to remove them and share his circumcised wealth. He has  apparently “Weinered the Storm!” He’s a head in the polling ..excuse the innuendo but it’s too good to leave in the dark.

Just goes to show you that however “broad”-minded Antony was …it is equaled by DEMOCRATIC New Yorker’s.

Spitzer is on the rise as well…The naked with “socks and hooker accessories” fashion statement isn’t going down well with the GOP but in the DEMOCRATIC primary circles Elliot is ahead by more than a length.

So who else can the American DEMOCRATIC VOTER forgive?…

We know the GOP does not have forgiveness in its heart unless it’s every dirty old guy in an airport toilet, or still serving senators, or war criminals or insane women who want to “spank” the PRESIDENT…

Or Limbaugh for being a racist oinker…or Ted Nugent for being born… or the entire obstructionist Congress…or the Trayvon Jury…

Personally I forgive all of thse losers and the rest at Fox News and the Syrian government and my agent…

I just want them all to fall into a giant sinkhole and spend the rest of eternity having to listen to Kenny G.jokhf2r

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  1. Great commentary, Chris! LOL.. “Weinered the Storm”! LOL!

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