Phil Mickelson just won the British Open. Good show old boy..even if you’re a ruddy Yank!

It has come to my attention that Golf is a sport that only people with money can play.

If you don’t have a few bucks for a round or two on a public course you can’t play golf.

Unlike Football(Soccer to Americans ) where all you need is a ball and some area of ground somewhere golf needs some green before you get on the greens.

In Golf one strives or aspires to get above the public course level and join the sanctified ranks of the opulent private club where , until recently, men were men and women were less than men and were not invited to be golfers. This also happened to the Jews and of course to all minorities only a few years back…

TIGER WOODS is golf!!…. and has been for many years now. Without Tiger winning or even just getting close golf would suffer a rating loss of monumental proportions. Blondes would also suffer least those that like kinky sex.

On public courses you see a lot of guys wearing shorts…these are the ‘salt of the bunker’ guys. They might even belong to unions God forbid.

In the private clubs only caddies wear shorts…the club members wear really colorful pants and those with hair have perfect hair.

Rolex and Mercedes sponsor golf…sometimes beer sneaks in…and a few Acura’s.

Golf is played every where in the world where the country can afford Greg Norman and other notables of the golf world to build them a perfect golf course. This costs millions and millions of dollars. Find a golf course in Somalia and its owned by a ward lord.. The Emirates have turned their deserts into 18 hole Oasis’s..oil money speaks and soccer squeaks.

Golf is a 52 billion dollar a year business.

So when you make a few bucks doing what ever you’re doing get yourself some golf clubs and join the Golf clubs..

President’s do it…Lesbians do it …even Alice Cooper and his snakes do it…

I like darts myself..bilde


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