The cretin running for Governor of Virgina on the “Crazy Guy Tea Party Wing” ticket is KEN CUCCINELLI.

Ken doesn’t like sex very much…well most of sex…because according to polls 83% of the copulation population of Virginia has participated in the kind of sex Ken wants to criminalize.

We’re talking Oral sex.

This guy is bucking a trend made popular by “One Tooth Woman” who discovered the art of fellatio in 20,000 BC even before Italian was invented.

Oral sex happened accidentally in a large cave right after a night of Mammoth barbecue and the spilling of fungus root juice on the genitals’  of a Neanderthal named strangely enough “Sean” as Irish had not been invented either. “One Tooth Woman” not wanting to waste any fungus juice licked “Sean’s” three-piece set clean.

“Sean”then smashed One Tooth on the head which in those days signified marriage.

“One Tooth” …who was not as dumb as she looked…later spilled fungus juice on her vagina and invented 69! …. and this was before math was invented or even numbers.

When Ken Cuccinelli looks around the State of Virgina he might pick up a vibe which will put him at odds with the general public on this one….

From way way back !!

We look forward to the up coming debate between  Ken and 40-year-old ex-intern Monica Lewinsky. The oral arguments will be hot…sorry for that…



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