The DUMB ASS main stream press including ABC and CNN told us a ludicrous story this week about murderer ZIMMERMAN rushing to rescue a family in a trapped car.

This is so stupid a story to go with that it defies description!…

But they went for it didn’t they?…

No background checking… just scoop it up and lay it out..

So what was the story.?..Nobody could find out what the freak-in’ story was…details…witnesses…

Oh we’re not talking “BullFox” yet…we’re talking main stream and the Internet including the blogosphere.

Today the truthful trashiness is AT LAST with us…

**A local sympathetic FLORIDA cop is at the scene of an accident and he communicates with Zimmerman and tells him to get his fat ass down to the crash.  You can see these communications now on the net. You get by with a little help from your racist friends…

Making up sh*t is one thing …producing it as a ‘fake reality show’ to make a thug killer look good is so patently obvious and just as downright transparent as a Lady Gaga fashion statement..

BullFox seems to be a bottomless pit of lying oily blonde legs and classless bigoted  Irish commentators with a hatred of any forms of intelligence… and who have such a low opinion of their viewers that they just keep lowering the boom to see just how really idiotic those views are and what they will stomach as news…

It seems almost anything if they believe a murdering little racist is a hero

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