McCain and Palin CampaignAmerica cannot decide Baby or Weiner?

Which is the more important news of the day?…

London’s Royal Baby or New York’s Weiner?

The jury is still out…it’s a toss-up …

Is it the wholesome cute story of a princess giving birth to a son who will one day be the King of England.??..

Is it the lewd and perverted story of a politicians in love with his penis who might be the next mayor of New York??

At the end of the day the Wiener’s Schnitzel was way out front!!.

We’re not going to fill this blog with cheap jokes about Antony’s genitalia .

But news is news and that’s what we’re all about…………………

It’s clear that enough women have seen it to fill a crowded Botox salon.

It seemed for a while that Weiner would be a hard man to beat and he might be the only one who could beat himself. He was however handling himself well under pressure. He was getting maximum exposure in certain areas…but his grip softened when more of his current actions were revealed.

His lengthy excuse for using the secret name “Carlos Danger’ was to shore up the Hispanic vote.

Not too many people went for that and he’s now way down in his personal poling.

Tomorrow may be a soft news day…

Thank you and goodnight.


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