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We welcome the dialogue and with an open mind as long as the arguments are civil and not a bunch of name calling subterfuge for not having an open mind.

Our admiration for the struggling Obama in the face of the most concerted and virulent obstructionism ever faced by a white man let alone a black is questioned by a certain segment of The Left.

Basically it mostly centers around the words we used recently to describe Obama as  “a good man!”

The arguments made were that how “good” a man is he when he uses drones to attack and kill innocent civilians while trying to find Taliban and Al Qaeda? How “good” a man is he when he hires lobbyists for Monsanto to run environmentally fragile government protection agencies?. How “good” when cracking down on  medical marijuana which can help million of sick people have some comfort? For executing an American citizen without a trial by a drone attack…These angry disappointed people are venting as they feel betrayed by what they thought would be a bright shining light for the future.

They thought they were in for Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and they got a President for all the people not just Liberal people. They got a man still hell-bent on playing the middle and make “a grand bargain.”

How frustrating when we want him to be tougher and go for the jugular…

Americans got an imperfect pragmatist who is probably sacrificing his basic personal moral principles every day in order to keep some kind of order in a World gone completely mad. A man who has kept internal terrorism to a minimum , who uses all the methods of the Bushes and his own intelligence infrastructure to keep the enemy at bay. “Good”.?…perhaps not… effective perhaps so..this is not a judgment here…just the facts…

America  got a man who had to get beyond his skin while at least 40% of the country will never forgive him that. They got a man whom ..when you look in his eyes see no resentment… just resolve to do what he thinks is best for all the people. His best for all the people … If anyone ever had the burden of proof staring him in the face this President has..

As the radical rancid racist Right tries to bring him down and as the Left is angry at his perceived flaws and find those flaws to be unacceptable to them …and as the crazy fanatical Christian Right calls him the Anti Christ and others call him foreign… he still remains a brave historic figure which ever way the cookie crumbles…

It’s enough to turn a black man gray.

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