Why are Justices Scalia and Thomas allowed to judge the letter of the unbiased laws of the United States when they defy the innate description of those laws.?

Both Scalia and Thomas are examples of the mentality of the extremist right-wing of corporate controlled America and they even look nasty!

If Justice Scalia’s dyed hair is an example of his vulnerability to vanity, it is just the tip of the iceberg of his false bravado and arrogance.

Scalia’s blatant rejection of a centrist and broad-minded unbiased series of opinions in all current cases before the Supreme Court is tantamount to treason in many scholars opinions.

He has no shame in his open defiance of the most important message the Supreme Court should be sending to the general populace of this country.

As for Uncle Thomas ..he is Scalia’s lap dog…and his TEA PARTY wife’s bitch!

These are not worthy men in any mixed company as they have narrow framed doctrinaire philosophies and cannot adjust their opinions to any kind of meaningful and open thought processes.

How this country has gotten itself into this mess can be attributed to the way the REPUBLICAN  party has lost its America way and has succumbed to racism and greed.

In time this  will wither away by the sheer force of numbers in our changing society.

In the meantime it might take a real people’s revolution to teach these usurpers what this country is made up of, and how far the people will go to maintain their basic dignity under this insidious attempted corporate coup undermining DEMOCRACY as our beacon of faith in the future.

thomas_300I have a pristine copies of “Deep Throat” and “Behind the Green Door”


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