hannity-bunny-ranchThe media refuse is piling up higher than a giant putrid pie in the sky. On a daily basis on any given network the vicious character assassinations continue unabated..The ludicrous is fast becoming the standard as the shock value of hate and race becomes diluted with over use.

Here’s a review of the bottom feeder scum buckets currently eating at the fabric of human decency.

In no particular “reverse character assassination “disorder.


Drudge:  “Hate to see his house it’s probably piled high with old newspapers  and full of soiled underwear and photos of John Voight and Dennis Miller.

Hannity: ” Ireland has asked him to change his name to something Jewish.

Coulter:  “To get publicity for her next book she will call Michelle Obama a black Lucretia Borgia.”

Limbaugh: ” Sponsors are jumping his sinking ship faster than rats or an Italian sea-captain.”

O’Reilly: ” Luckily he makes enough money to maintain his own law firm to take care of the  harassment ho’ hordes snapping at his heels.

Trump: “Donald has never seen a mirror or a quote about himself he doesn’t like. He rides the wind of Republican extremism into comedy sound bites.

Cruz: “Ted’s from Texas but was born in Canada where they won’t let him back in any cost…Ted’s idea of a viable quote is to make such shit up that a truck load of Charmin can’t fix.

Doocy and the Gang: ” The combined idiocy of these people numbs even the minds of morons. They shred the truth on orders from Fuehrer Roger Ailes whom it is said is a distant relative of Goebbels.:

Beck: “Relegated to ranting to the even further lunatics of the lunatic fringe”

Louie “Gohm-merd” : “The GOP’s version of Bubonic plague.”

Miller: ” Dennis who failed in over 32 careers was picked up by Fox News who embrace failure such as Palin’s and Rove’s…Dennis’ last funny line was ..never.

Palin:” She’s so yesterdays news that those yesterdays news’ are being used on the bottom of bird cages and to clean up dog poop. She ‘s about as relevant as A-Rod’s career.

Bachmann:” A woman who will soon be a number in a minimum security prison for campaign finance fraud and driving while under the influence of Beelzebub…



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  1. LOL! Chris, you’re killing me. Excellent description on each scrum bucket!

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