angry-birds_610x355We all abhor the sight of the dead victim drone atrocities, the domestic spying and the other unforgivable actions of the present administration. There is no excuse for any of it…it is sickening.

It would be the same if not worse if the unthinkable had happened and Romney was President. By now perhaps we would be at war with Iran or Russia or Mexico. The 1% would be even more in control than it is now and there would be more massive “people protests” going on nationwide.


We are still however in the throes of the complete change that will inevitably take place here just due to the numbers of brown American babies being born.

The religious right and the corporations with all their faith and money and racist media hype still didn’t completely rule at the last election.

A black man got to remain being PRESIDENT.

Liberals own the Senate…but we still have a stalemate on progress being denied by the intransigent extremists and financial terrorists in the Congress and the dangerous Supreme Court majority of judicial Fascists

This says something but not enough about the future direction America faces.

We are making a small amount of headway despite the internal traitorous war being fought by the Right.

The open hatred and disdain shown by the CURRENT GOP leadership of any kind of progress in science, education and continued racial integration is not only prevalent but is being processed and disseminated into sound bites by Fox News and even the other main stream media intent on maintaining the rating demographics of America’s millions of bigots.

Its ugly and its wrong and it’s not the America most of us want to live in.

It will only change when the will of the people finally has had enough of the Louie Gohmerts, the Ted Cruz’s, the Steve Kings, and the rest of the ignorant pigs and subversives that pretend to represent the country and only represent their ego’s  and the destruction of DEMOCRACY.

We will win despite the spite..for it is not us….it is them.


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