The main theme of “Kim’s Breasts” will be “Kim’s need to be pointed in the right direction for World Peace and Shopping!”.

Amongst KB’s most original and controversial segments KIM KARDASHIAN’s hidden camera’s will show her faking breastfeeding in Christian owned Southern restaurants and Hobby Lobby stores. These scenes caused enormous mixed reactions amongst Evangelists and Duck Dynasty family members some of whom took selfies with Kim for research purposes.

Kim will be seen taking acting lessons for her next starring role as the host of a private dinner party with Sean Penn. She told the media that she’s learning two more expressions.

Kim, while buying her next batch of ‘see through’ bra’s, will be shown trying to stump salesgirls at Victoria Secret with her current butt size.

Kim’s mom will be featured in “Kim’s Breasts” describing what it was like finding Bruce in her closet feeling up her shoes.

Not filmed yet but in the works the KM reality show will follow “Kim’s Breasts” as she tours the Middle East in search of a peaceful solution to women wearing black formless clothing and only showing their eyes by wearing a black formless outfit but with her breasts and butt showing as well as her eyes.

The KM show will be a family show but only for families who are really and truly disfunctional.


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