HOW LOW?………..

s-MURDOCH-large300                                                 Wolverine!!

News about the news…

“Meet the Press has its lowest ratings of all time due to the fact that DAVID GREGORY’S has a perfect fitting Koch Brothers suit.

Due to the huge surge in ratings the Trayvon case gave it CNN will start a new series soon called  “Hoodie Crimes.”

Wolf Blitzer will open a chain of  bakery shops called “Biased Bagels”

Roger Ailes announced that he seeking a kinder softer approach to lying to the public.

SEAN HANNITY is playing down the rumors that he’s going to be replaced by a human being.

Rush Limbaugh’s sponsors have been reduced to companies whose owners hate profits.

Over at CBS News they’re looking for a pasture to put most of their news staff in.

At NBC Brian Williams still looks better every day than the news he’s reporting.

Tom Brokaw had to go to a specialist to have his head removed from his ass.

Michelle Malkin has gone to the Optometrist to have her wild eyes calmed down.

Bill O’Reilly’s rants have recently reached such a high pitch German Shepherds are showing up at the studio in big numbers.

Rupert Murdoch has told his shareholders that when he goes he’s taking it with him.

hannity-bunny-ranch                                       A fake news prostitute with a genuine prostitute.


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