“Masochist Misogynists”…..


If ever there was a group of people doing a THELMA and LOUISE driving off a cliff act  REINECE PRIEBUS and the GOP crazies take the molding cake.

These circus clones have voted today to cancel any primary debates in the 2016 Presidential elections with CNN and NBC if they go ahead with plans to do Hillary bio’s.

Does this seem like verbal masturbation on the way to a premature ejaculation?

Hillary must be scaring their little manly CONSERVATIVE pants off three years ahead of time.

It feels like they think Hillary is so formidable a candidate that they want to start the damage control now.  To some this seems like religious fanatics flagellating themselves on the back with chains in order to show their loyalty and devotion to their God.

In this case the God being “Corpo-Christian extremism!”

As the GOP narrows its core followers down to Ted Nugent’s family, the paid staff of Fox News with a few NASCAR pit crew…Big guy Chris Christie is busy trying to appear “moderate”..

FACE IT….Chris Christie and the word “moderate” cannot reside in the same sentence.

The self destruct button gets passed around from RAND PAUL to TED CRUZ who seem to be speaking only to the lynch mob demographic.

They and others cannot see the intellect from the rape excuse rs and the guys who want to legally peer up women’s private parts.

So REINCE PRIEBUS a man with a name that sounds like a Serbian swollen testicle condition breathes new lunacy and self-inflicted wounds on the already brain damaged center of the Grand Old White Man’s Party by giving the LATE NIGHT TALK SHOW guys three years of one liners.

“How masochistic Republicans does it take to screw up an election?”

“Please can I have some more Mistress Hillary!”


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