If this country has any chance of getting back to where it should be on a moral  and business level the next PRESIDENT of the United States must be Elizabeth Warren.

She has the vision thing.

She sees through the multitudinous mountains of mismanagement in the banking system. She knows who’s to blame for the ongoing destruction of the regulations and checks and balances that must remain in place if the society we love can continue to function.

She knows that the hard work of the Koch Brothers and the other extremist Fascist billionaires in bringing down the people’s government is working and must be stopped.

She is more feared than Hillary , Joe Biden or any other Democrat for they are implicitly already corrupted by the many years they have spent deal making with the enemy. “Bill and Hill went up the hill to fetch a pail of corp-cash…and that will continue….

Elizabeth is not into deal making from a weak position…she is the Attila the Hun of progressive positions. She is a smart no-nonsense leader with a “press forward regardless of the temper tantrums of her enemies” attitude.

She is a scarier proposition even for the vulnerable to lobbies DEMOCRATS as well as the entire line up of disparate REPUGS. But she is not scary to the public after they hear her speak with her articulate conviction and simplicity.

She is then….Roosevelt and Eisenhower incarnate…and by all rights should be nest President of the United States.

This however will probably never happen unless Jesus comes back and straightens out the Born Again Christians who have gone so far off the rails they’ve got “white elitist religious bigotry and race hate written all over themselves.

Does she need all that Corporate cash to propel her to would so very just in the people overcame that and got her elected on their dollar contributions and not dollar of the people’s enemies…


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