CNN BLOWS…………………………………


                                What is happening to CNN?

Sorry but the guy who was given the gig of chasing those elusive viewers is doing it in a very incompetent way.

Today’s example: We’re sitting watch the news about Syria and how Obama is meeting with John McCain who has already offered to strap himself to a cruise missile for an immediate launch. He also brought the news that Chuck Norris told him that Chuck could take out Assad and his cabinet and bring down his regime with 12 good stunt men…

We waited with an unabated lack of interest and a complete lack of respect to hear what they had discussed with the PRESIDENT…

Right then in a quiet moment CNN cut away to a crowded beach scene in Florida..thousands of white people milling around in and out of the water. An excited CNN reporter informed us of a historic event happening right there and then. Diane Nyad an 64-year-old woman was just finishing the most amazing swim in history…she had swum from Cuba to Florida.

CNN however had no cameras on the beach and no cameras anywhere near this mind-blowing experience. We watch hundreds of people who’d over donated at Burger King waddle up and down the beach waving and applauding.

THE REPORTERS WERE SO EXCITED!!! They interviewed a woman who SAW THE LANDING!!

“Whats did she look like when she came out of the water??”

“She looked okay?”

This was CNN’s inane coverage of this major sports event…Long shots from  hotel windows and an interview with a woman who said “She looked okay!”

Somebody really blew this assignment…no dramatic shots of the brave old lady of the sea staggering out of the shark infested jelly fish stinging boots in the sand…no epic moment.

NOTHING LIVE!!!…sure they got it all now from the public’s videos and photos BUT NOT ONE LIVE NEWS CAMERA SHOW .!!!..NOTHING LIVE!!! you total idiots…

And good luck with New Gingrich and SJ Cups on Crossfire…many of us will rather watch paint dry than live thru a millisecond of imitation outrage in the quest to sell books…

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