This guy Putin’s macho is erect and quivering in the Russian fall.

We think Vlad is playing with more than just his politics.

He’s exuding a kind of a steamy ultra-male image.. BARE CHESTED…wrestling big hairy guys…killing innocent bears…eating raw Russian meat, sleeping on broken glass…hugging sweaty hockey pro’s…

Smoking cigars with Cossacks…

Riding wild white horses naked across frozen lakes..

Banning homosexuals….biting the heads of live chickens… cancelling meetings with Obama ………And making sure Syria has a large stock of chemical weapons….

Vlad is unchained!!..and he’s flaunting his macho to HARVEY LEVIN and the rest of his American admirers..

He is the “GREAT GATBINSKI”… He is to himself invincible in lifts….

DRUDGE has such ‘man love’ for him he’s calling him “Leader of the WESTERN WORLD”…

Vlad is the man!!..  He’s so very very “the man.”..and in subtitles too,….

When the Winter Olympics get to Russian next year..we should all be aware of the Putin decree ..You can be gay in private …but males holding hands with other males or holding any other male extremities in public is not only not kosher..its just not Russian.

This legal arrangement of course will be challenged during the Winter Olympics by the various mischievous ways gay athletes will find to circumnavigate hand holding , lip locking and buttock patting…

So although Vlad appears to be auditioning for the lead role in Attila the Hun the Sequel…until he’s killed and maimed a million or more of his own people ..he will remain a popinjay of a Putin…

A Putin in search of recognition as the new Stalin but buff and tough and ready to rock…He’s the Bruce Springsteen of Stalin’s..you gotta admire him…

When he grows that SOVIET ERA mustache and starts to ration potatoes ….we’ll see if these predictions hold up…




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